Established in 2017, Clean Meat News Australia is an independent, not for profit organisation committed to providing up to the minute news and information about cellular agriculture and clean meat production. Clean meat (also known as cultured meat or in-vitro meat) is grown using cell tissue cultures, in a controlled bio-factory environment. This innovation will provide an environmentally sustainable solution to feed the world's rapidly growing population.Becoming commercially available to the public in the next decade, clean meat will disrupt and transform the beef and poultry industries and is already generating a lot of positive and negative media coverage.Clean Meat News Australia is not affiliated with any businesses, organisations, or lobby groups. Our aim is to generate awareness and education by offering a resource of factual and unbiased information.Cellular agriculture provides a way to mitigate the harm traditional animal farming is causing to the environment, human health, and animal welfare. Animals will no longer need to be slaughtered or distressed in crowded factory farms. Our health will also benefit as clean meat will not be contaminated or pumped full of unnecessary antibiotics.

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