Japanese-Backed Agritech Investment Firm Germi8 Launches in Singapore

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A new agritech investment company called Germi8 has launched this week in Singapore. Funded by Leave a Nest and Focus Tech Ventures, it plans to invest around JPY 100 million in around 20 South Asian projects between now and 2022.

Germi8, whose aim is to advance the future of food and agriculture, is created by a team of entrepreneurs from biotech, agricultural machinery, education, food, and technology, to place funding into agrifood startups through its extended investment vehicles.

The aim of the firm is to assist new business and value creation in agriculture and it will focus on seed-stage startups developing alternative proteins, such as plant-based and fermentation-based meat substitutes, seafood, and clean meat.


“Our food system needs to undergo transformative change as global population reaches 10 billion people come 2050. Driven by rising consumer awareness and demand, plant-based, fermentation-based and cell-based protein alternatives, as well as insect-based production for animal and aquafeed, are ready to take center stage.”

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