The emerging industries of Cellular & Acellular Agriculture has grown in leaps in and bounds over the last few years. This page lists the main companies that are working towards releasing products commercially.

Aleph Farms

Contact: Didier Toubia
Work HaBosem 3 St. P.O.B 12290 Ashdod 7761003 Israel Work Phone: +972 -8- 6831990 Website: ALEPH FARMS WEBSITE
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Aleph Farms believe meat is one of life’s pleasures, to be celebrated and enjoyed without  the downsides to health and the environment. Aleph Farms aims to offer superior, healthier, clean beef meat, providing a new customer experience. Shaking up the clean meat industry Aleph Farms is the food-tech startup specializing in high-quality sustainable cultured meat. Aleph’s proprietary 3D technology uses the four core cell types of farmed beef, including vascular and connective tissues, to recreate a real food experience. Mission Aleph’s mission is to produce authentic meat for worldwide consumption in a sustainable setting that frees live animals from the traditional meat industry, from abuse and slaughter. This meat is produced using real beef cells in an earth-friendly process that does not ecologically impact the land or and does not damage the environment. Why Aleph Farms Consumers – especially millennials and flexitarians – care about animal welfare and the environment. They want to “live and let live,” however, they still crave juicy, indulgent steak – not just bland meat “protein”. Aleph Farms’ goal is to help these consumers uphold their personal standards, while satisfying their hunger for meat.

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