The emerging industries of Cellular & Acellular Agriculture has grown in leaps in and bounds over the last few years. This page lists the main companies that are working towards releasing products commercially.


Contact: Ido Savir
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SuperMeat is a new startup, aiming to develop cultured chicken meat and mass produce it to save animals, protect the environment and improve public health.

SuperMeat is dedicated to develop clean chicken meat and mass produce it globally to save animals, protect the environment and improve public health.

SuperMeat is an Israeli bio-tech & food-tech startup, developing a technology to create clean meat from chicken cells in a safe and controlled environment, external to the animal’s body. SuperMeat is set to revolutionize the meat industry from its core, aspiring to secure a better future for humans and animals alike.

Clean meat has the potential of becoming the perfect industrial meat product, because it is real meat, the exact same taste, consistency, and texture that people love and want to eat, down to the mouthwatering cellular level.

Clean meat is grown in a controlled, sterile environment without the use of antibiotics and without any possibility of fecal contamination, such as salmonella. Clean meat will require significantly less resources for its production (99% less land, 90% less water), making it both a healthy and sustainable food source for the coming century. The cherry on top would be the fact that no animal is harmed in the process. Everyone wins.

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