Predictions For The Future Of A World With Clean Meat

The stage has been set for some truly profound changes as urban agriculture expands in some new and interesting ways. As with all of my our predictions, the intent is for you to draw your own conclusions.

1.) By 2020 over 1,000 laboratories will be conducting research on cultured meats. Virtually every country will jump onto the bandwagon wanting to gain a foothold in this rapidly growing industry.

2.) Beginning in 2020 cultured meats will be available in grocery stores. Globally, this will turn into a “race to be first” – first cultured bison, first cultured swordfish, first cultured rattlesnake, etc.

3.) By 2025 industrial grown meats will become the world’s cheapest food stocks. Although it will still be limited by production, but with the promise of being locally grown, industrial grown meats will be delivered fresh daily, to a grocery store or restaurant near you.

4.) By 2030 over 10% of traditional farmers will go out of business because of competition from industrial grown meats. Traditional ranchers will find themselves at a significant cost disadvantage as cellular agriculture out performs traditional ranching, eliminating the need for ranch land, veterinarians, animal transport trucks, slaughterhouses, processing plants, and much more.

5.) By 2030 over 50% of the general public will give a favorble rating to cultured meats. A number of high profile tasting competitions and endorsements by nutritional experts will trigger widespread cultural acceptance.

6.) By 2030 over 50% of vegetarians will accept cultured meats as an suitable food source. There are many reasons why people are vegetarians – nutritional concerns, parental influence, religious beliefs, animal rights, environmental concerns, unwanted food additives, economics, disease scares, and other health-related issues. Cultured meats will have answers for most of their concerns.

7.) By 2030 thousands of “grow your own cultured meat farms” will spring up around the world. Cellular agriculture will become a hot new buzzword as a new era of food entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

8.) Along with these entrepreneurs will come a new era of “super hacker foods.” These will be designed around special processes for combining cultured meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

9.) Cultured meats will also be developed using stem cells from exotic animal like penguins, pandas, rhinos, and wombats. This will open the door for bizarre specialty food stores and restaurants specializing in thousands of different kinds of cultured meats.

10.) Over time we will develop cultured meats from extinct animal species like saber tooth tigers, woolly mammoths, and dodo birds. There will be a certain mystique to eating the meat of animals that no longer exist.

11.) While it will be a touchy subject for many, we will even see cultured meats developed from human stem cells. From a moral standpoint, some may feel this puts us on the same level as Jeffrey Dahmer, and countries may indeed ban cultured meats grown from human cells. However, they do have the potential to become a viable food source.
Will we soon have exotic animal skins grown in vats?

12.) Cultured meats will continue to be developed for non-edible materials similar to leathers, plastic, and rubber. Think in terms of exotic materials such as tarantula skin seats, hedgehog jackets, and anteater shoes.

13.) Cultured milk derived from mother’s cells will be considered far superior to other baby foods. These products will compete directly with today’s baby formula industry.

14.) Cultured blood will cause today’s blood bank industry to disappear. Cultured baby’s blood, or ‘young blood’ with its anti-aging properties, will pave the way for a variety of “cultured” anti-aging products.

15.) Before long we will see cultured hair cells to regrow our hair and cultured skin cells to remove our wrinkles. The fountain of youth will be springing to life in a way we never anticipated.